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October 26, 2005 at 11:24 am | Posted in navel gazing | 3 Comments

I basically just wanted a API key to try out Akismet, and it looks like the only way to do that was to get (yet another) blog into the bargain. It’s a good excuse to play with the WordPress 1.6 administration without having to bother downloading it, at least. 🙂

WYSIWYG is cool, but too dangerous. It sucks to use without keyboard shortcuts, and it’s easy to hit the browser’s by mistake if you do use them. I already lost a version of this post by hitting CTRL+W by mistake. That, and I just don’t trust it. Too used to seeing mangled HTML output by Dreamweaver and Frontpage, I guess: hand-coding is a habit hard to get out of. 

The image manager is fantastic, as is the AJAX category-adder. The drag-and-drop panels, meh. (The ones I want open I want open all of the time; the ones I want closed I want gone.) Still, awesome. Might install an alpha once my exams are over.

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